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  • Tundra-12 is a new build multi-function all weather conditions aluminum workboat.

  • 12217-1:2013 (E)). The region of sailing according to European classification is C – coastal sailing (ISO

  • The boat can carry cargo up to 2.500 kg including crew and 7 passengers. quadricycles, light car trailer) transportation boat is suitable for small-motorized vehicles (motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis etc.).

  • The boat is comfortable for disabled person transportation.

  • With a 7.2 m length, a max 2.5 m width, and a 1 m height, the boat has an all-welded non-painted lightweight hull made from non-corrosive aluminum magnesium fusion.

  • The boat is equipped with a self-draining deck with a non-slippery surface.

  • The covered wheelhouse is equipped with panoramic windows.

  • The fuel tank capacity is 250 l.

  • 2 overboard engines, 400 horse-power total, OR a permanent engine with top speed- 35 knots.

  • The boat is fully functional in hard weather conditions and could be used in a wide range of potential facilities such as:

    • Fire fighting

    • Landing troops

    • General military use

    • Police operations

    • Coast guard operations

    • Environment protection ( oil pollution operations)

    • Tourism

    • Small cargo transportation

    • Small evacuations of population or pets from flooded areas

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